Q: My cat will not eat his food with Revitamal®.  Is there another way to administer?
A: Most cats love Revitamal® and take it without issue, however some can be a little more finicky. If you are having
trouble getting your cat to take Revitamal® with food, put a few drops on the top of his paws. Cats are very clean
​animals and will lick it off immediately. Within a week or two, your cat will begin to prefer Revitamal® on food.

Q: What do I do if I've accidentally given my pet too much?
Revitamal® has been tested at doses as high as 1 ml (~1 dropperful) per pound with positive results. If more
than 1 ml per pound has been given, discontinue use for at least one week and then resume using the proper
​dose as labeled.

Q: What if the liquid's color is different from my previous bottle?
A: Some variation in color is normal. Revitamal® is made with the highest quality natural ingredients available. Natural ingredients can vary in color due to region of origin, season, etc, but in no way does color affect product quality or efficacy.

Q: What if Revitamal® freezes during shipment?
A: It is possible for the liquid to solidify while in route.  If this happens do not heat.  Allow the product to warm at room temperature over night until fully thawed.

Q: My dog (or cat) is really old; is it too late to start?
A: Cellular damage occurs throughout life beginning on day one and the overall effects on health are cumulative. Revitamal® works by scavenging free radicals and arresting oxidation within cells allowing the body to heal itself. More extensive damage requires more time to heal, but in all cases Revitamal® supports the healing process. Many of our customers report dramatic improvement even in older animals within about two weeks.

Q: My pet is very sick, should I give them more or less?
A: Revitamal supports and protects your pet at the cellular level, so giving Revitamal® to a sick pet, as long as they are able to safely swallow it -- either on their tongue or preferably with some food -- will be supportive of their recovery from illness. There is no need to adjust the dose. As powerful as Revitamal® is, if a pet is already seriously ill before starting Revitamal®, positive results may be limited. Revitamal® works in part through restoring a pet's innate cellular energy and maintenance systems; if these systems have already been overwhelmed by illness, it will limit the product's ability to enhance cellular function. A prescription-strength form of Revitamal® is being developed at this time. It will be available directly through veterinarians. When it is available, existing Revitamal® users will be notified.

Q: My dog has (arthritis, dysplasia, cancer, diabetes...) should I give them Revitamal®?
A: Revitamal® works by removing toxins and supporting healthy cellular maintenance, making it a "complementary therapy" which can enhance the effects of other treatments, such as prescription medications. One effect noted by most users is that Revitamal® naturally relieves aches and pains. In many cases, our customers see dramatic improvement in common ailments associated with aging. Some have even reported that they were able to discontinue prescription medications, as pets no longer needed them. Bear in mind that medication discontinuation should be done in concert with your pet's DVM. If your pet has a chronic health challenge, Revitamal® may be the answer, and It's never too late to start.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

​Q:  What are the ingredients in Revitamal®?
A:  FulleLife™, Mixed Tocopherols, Mixed Tocotrienols, Natural Flavors, Natural Color.  There are no artificial flavors or colors and no animal by-products.

Q:  What is FulleLife™?
A:  FulleLife™ is a patent pending natural lipid phytocomplex similar to purified shilajit.  Revitamal® is not a vitamin supplement. It is completely natural, made from the finest organic ingredients and contains no stimulants, no artificial colors or flavors, and no animal by-products.  

Q: My pet is taking medications prescribed by the veterinarian, can I still give Revitamal®
A: There are no known drug or supplement interactions with Revitamal®. However, it is always prudent to let your veterinarian know that you are giving Revitamal® to your pet if they are on prescribed medications. If needed, we have literature for your DVM which can help them understand the way Revitamal® works, and what it can do. Please direct them to the Revitamal® website, for contact information.

Q: My dog is a large/small breed. Should I give them more/less?
A: The dose chart on the label is based on age and size/weight.