"A Pet's Fountain of Youth" 

Melissa Clinton

"How Wilhelm Got His Bounce Back"  
Bethany O'Brian

"Revitamal Makes Us Feel Like Puppies"
Felissa Elfenbein

"[Hilo] gets up the stairs a lot quicker and runs around the yard without showing any signs of discomfort."
Jennifer Soltys

"Sugar’s stride shows exuberance for her age. Aches and pains seems to be nonexistent even after a long walk/run, stair climb and

Rosalyn Acero                       

"Help Your Senior Pet Thrive With Revitamal"
Ann Staub

"Katie's Turning Back the Feline Clock"
Debbie Glovatsky

"I definitely saw an increase in his energy."
Jessica Williams                                                                     

"Revitamal Formula Has Siouxsie Purring"
JaneA Kelley

"...Cheiss’ energy levels began returning after two days of use and how grateful I am that he has ​stopped stumbling."
Stacy mantle                                                        

"Pets on this regimen will feel less pain and higher comfort levels..."-Dawn McAlexander

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